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Entry #2

So, im making chili tonight

2009-02-09 22:34:44 by teimutm

It's smelling really good. Got some really pungent red pepper in there, and with that strong, but wonderful garlic. All together, there's 2lbs beef, 2 mccormicks hot chili mix packets, 2 cans "no salt added" diced tomatoes, 1 can dark red kidney beans, 1 onion, prolly 8 cloves garlic (man, do i love it), and a few dashes of dried red pepper.

I know--total noob for the mix packets. and the canned tomatoes. I really should mix my own spices and cut my own tomatoes. it would be so much better.

whatevs. its gonna be delicious.


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2009-02-09 22:36:45



2009-02-09 23:46:38

haha wow, sounds delicious im comin over to your place for chili night ha


2009-05-18 22:39:57

dude you suck balls bitch